So I am trying to get into this blog thing and creating my own websites (yikes!).  So far it is proving to be a serious of trial and error and I feel I am slowly learning.  Today, I am feeling the urge to vent.  I want to self publish.  Not because I can’t get a traditional book deal, but because I want control of everything…I am a control freak.  Perhaps, as I get a bit older and the energy I feel now starts to dwindle, I may want someone else to handle everything, but right now I am satisfied with being the ‘it’ girl.  My issues with self-publishing comes from the lack of editing I see in many of the Indie books I have purchased and read.  It has jaded me.  Now, I don’t want to spend more than a dollar on a self-published book because I have been let down so many times.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no ‘Grammar Queen’, but I do take the time to let the book breathe and edit again and again.  Sure, mistakes will slip through, but if you finish a book today and publish tomorrow…it is too soon.  Some of the plots make no sense, others have no plot.  And the Vampire craze that is sweeping the world of Indie books is becoming a pain in the ass.  I want more books out there, I like the variety.  But can we spend a few minutes and edit the damn manuscripts?  Learnt is not a word…nor is leant.  It was not something you ‘learnt’, and he did not ‘leant’ forward to kiss her…‘t’ is not a substitute for ‘ed’.


~ by Adrianna Morgan on October 15, 2011.

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