Off on another tangent….

Being ADHD is not good when you are a writer.  So, I was on the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website and there was a lovely threeway discussion between a female writer and two others.  It was not the good kind of threeway, it was an argument that was getting kinda out of control.  But it sparked an idea in my head for a novella.  It is totally a rip off of the conversation that was taking place with a bit of my imagination thrown in.  Here is the premise:

Marci Mann has dreamed of being a writer since she was a child.  Now, divorced with a child of her own; she fulfills her dream and self-publishes her first book under the pen name of Mercy Me.  Within months, her book shoots up the charts and Marci turns to the online support forum for more ideas.  That’s where she meets Leo Anderson.  Leo is brash and bold in his reviews and wastes no time in telling everyone that he believes Marci is faking her five star reviews.  She hates him almost immediately.  But when she reads his other reviews on other sites, she sees a whole new side to the man that is making her life miserable.

Leo Anderson hates self-published authors.  Well, the ones that upload crap books to be bought and read by unsuspecting consumers.  He knows that “Mercy Me” is one of those writers who can’t even be bothered to choose a real pen name.  He also knows that she is bilking consumers out of their hard earned cash by padding her reviews.  Her book is okay, but should not be near where it is in terms of sales.  He also admires her spunk and her attitude.  So when she announces that she will be attending a book signing in his hometown, the least he can do is put in an appearance.

I even included a cover.  It is still a work in progress and I think it will be about 10,000 words.  So far, I have it about 3,500 words done.  It should be available for sale this weekend.  Cover subject to change.


~ by Adrianna Morgan on February 22, 2012.

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