Formatting with Kindle Books

Never had an issue with the formatting of my e-books, then the 50-page novella I recently uploaded was plagued with problems.  I was beside myself with anger and anxiety.  So, I did what any sane, reasonable adult would do; I threw a temper tantrum and then I tried (for hours) to fix the formatting.  FINALLY got it done.  New formats for Hell in Heels, Some Like it Hot, Tala, Fairytale Fantasies, and Fairytale Fetishes will be available in less than 12 hours.

If you purchased any of the above-mentioned books and the formatting is crazy, i.e. no indents, etc, simply archive it on your reading device and then download the book again.  You should have the correct format this time around.  Good luck and happy reading.  I have to go and jump my husbands bones now…working on the third Fairytale erotica book!


~ by Adrianna Morgan on March 14, 2012.

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