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Hello again.  It has only been a few hours but I had to share this.  I recently viewed my books on the site (accidentally) and came across a few reviews that were quite mean.  Both books were reviewed by the same person and I wanted to ask if the first was so bad, why purchase a second?  I will post the reviews (or portions of them, below):

1.0 out of 5 stars Thought that this would be funny, sexy and maybe a bit naughty…but it was none of these. Spoiler incl, as this was so unsexy.,6 Feb 2012
This review is from: Some Like It Hot (Kindle Edition)

OK, so the blurb tells you that the female lead has done a flit from Hell, in search of fun and adventure on earth; it turns out that she’s the child of an infamous father – any idea who daddy might be? Then, despite aiming for Las Vegas, she ends up in Alaska. So, that too should have provided some laughs, right?

NOT. This was nothing but about her getting her rocks off with anyone who happened to cross her path, male or female. Not hot, not sexy, not any semblance of a tale – at least not in my book. A total waste of time.

Now…it is also interesting that her review is not an Amazon verified purchase, nor does she use the right city; Helena was going to LA not Las Vegas, but it’s not the point.  The point is that it seems some competing authors are deliberately sabotaging books by Indie writers!!  All I can do is wait.  She seems to be under the impression that the books were romance.  They were penned as erotica (not erotic romance) and marketed as erotica.  I have no idea what this woman wants, but its obviously not any more of my books.

2.0 out of 5 stars Cold, hard erotica might suit some. Disguised as chicklit erotica, I downloaded it but didn’t enjoy it.,16 Feb 2012
This review is from: Fairytale Fetishes (Fairytale Erotica) (Kindle Edition)

This is an antho of 4 short tales from the same author. From the book blurb and from the cover (yes, I know, my bad to judge a book by its cover), I thought I would be getting some naughty/erotic fairy tales. Instead, I got a few sex scenes, which is not my cup of tea.

In the first tale, Bella picks up a guy in a bar, telling him she doesn’t care if he’s straight or gay, married, single or otherwise, she wants to ‘do him’ (putting it more politely, in order that amazon doesn’t chuck out this review) and he has a minute to follow her to the bathroom or she’s leaving. Left me cold, though the sex was hot and inventive in so small a space.

The second is allegedly based on Rapunzel and features an Arabic female home alone, whilst her parents have gone off to finalise her arranged marriage to Hassan. She hears an intruder, and ends up being ravished by him. I kind of feel as if I should applaud the author, as she was bold with her Muslim characters and pre-marital sex, even if it were of the tamer variety. I suppose she’s lucky not to be mainstream and end up with a Fatwa on her head!

The next is based on Little Red Riding Hood, starting off with Red having to go to her own party at her parents. She’s just had oral sex with her neighbour from across the landing, as her mum arrives uninvited, so she hides him on her balcony, but when mummy leaves and she goes to find him, she finds him getting oral sex from their male neighbour…so, off she goes a la ‘one day my prince will come’ to said party…through the woods…where she meets a swinger couple, and forgets all about the party.

Yes, full of sex, but of the cold, hard, emotionless variety.

I was surprised at the mention of a Fatwa.  Really? I wanted to thank her for pointing that out.  Way to go to subtly threaten me.  Thanks.  Apparently “Rough” left her cold, but the sex was hot?  Okay.  Once again, penned as Erotica and not Romance, not even Erotic Romance.  I think people need to understand the difference.  It is not about the people getting together, it is about the sex.

And in the event I do get a Fatwa on my head, I changed the characters’ ethnicity in “Isolated”.  I suppose that any review is a good review, but I would like my reviewers to get their facts straight.  Perhaps, when reading too many free stories, one tends to mix up events or when one makes up a story, it can get twisted.  Regardless, it did hurt my feelings a bit, but writing this post has acted like a balm.

Keep an eye out for Fairytale Flames (Fairytale Erotica 3)


~ by Adrianna Morgan on March 15, 2012.

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