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I love the stories of Snow White, Prince Charming, and Little Red Riding Hood. Most of us can recite them without a book. But what if they were all one story pulled apart and altered. What if…..

That is where Adrianna Morgan’s Once Upon a Fairytale Princess comes in.

Ella is trying to keep her and her father fed, but in an attempt to keep the roof over her head, she discovers herself in the midst of a huge plot that goes beyond her or the kingdom. Evil has risen its head once more. Love is discovered at the same time. It is then, Ella begins a journey of self-discovery that will change everything.

The first thing you’ll notice as a reader is that this is book is so much like fairytales you have read. You’ll immediately begin to see the similarities, but you’ll also know this is far from the fairytales you know so well. It’s more like “The Rest of the Story.” I liked that part of it, yet it did feel strange reading it. I felt sort of defensive at first. “These were my stories growing up. You can’t change them.” But the further I read, the more this story began to stand on its own two feet. It began to prove itself to me.

In a sense, the characters follow the trend of lightly revealing themselves just as the fairytales did, but that is deceiving. You get caught up in the fairytale similarities that you don’t see that these characters have more depth to them than that. Also, these characters have flaws though they are the heroes and victims. They are not perfect. Some are not completely innocent.

The plot was different and I’m sure hard to write. In a way it was hard to read, but then again it was because I was comparing the story to the fairytales. You cannot do this as you read the story. You’ll miss so much.

I really had trouble trying to evaluate this book as it is so unique. In that, it scores high. I had to force myself away from the traditional in order to see this one shining through. It is unique. It is creative. It makes you want to know more. In that sense, maybe the stories could have been more in depth, but it could have pulled away from the plot then which was relatively fast paced once it got started.

If you like paranormal stories, fairytales, and romance, give this book a try. There are some intimate scenes, but we are not talking extreme. It’s a book that would be great for a book club as you could spend a lot of time talking about it.

Note: This book was provided as part of a book tour with no expectation of a positive review.


~ by Adrianna Morgan on October 31, 2012.

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