A Year in Review

Wow.  Its December 31.  Another year is on the horizon and while this year has been one of joy and love and tears and anger; its also been one of learning.  As a writer, I have learned to listen to my inner voice.  Its something I think we can all relate to.  How many times has that inner voice told you to “say no, to not date that guy, to not make that purchase?”  But we ignore it and justify the reasons why.  “Oh its this and oh its that” are always our reasons why we ignore the inner voice.  This year, my inner voice told me to be serious about my writing.  It cautioned me to not treat my writing like a hobby, but to treat it like a real job.  It reminded me to not write what I wanted to write, but to let the story flow and follow its own path.  Too many times, I tried to force the ending of a story or a particular storyline, which backfired.  But allowing the personalities of the characters to dictate the story leads to authenticity and believable characters.  My inner voice encouraged me to not give up.  As a result, I started an online (e-book) publishing company with my mother called Androsia Publishing, we specialize in Fantasy and Paranormal, Erotica, Romance, Science Fiction, and African American Novels.  And we are excited as hell about it!

Tomorrow marks the first official day for Androsia Publishing and the launch of our first novel; Hell on Earth by Adrianna Morgan.  This book tells the story of Bri Montague, the antagonist in Hell in Heels.  Bri was not supposed to get her own book, but I listened to my inner voice and realized that her character was too strong to be relegated to the villain in a book. So the spinoff was born– and if I may toot my own horn, its pretty damn good.

So, I say my year in review was listening to the one person who knew me better than anyone else; myself.  Don’t make excuses this new year; make changes.  And listen to you.  Trust me, you know more than you think!

Hell On Earth New


~ by Adrianna Morgan on December 31, 2013.

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