Get some!! Bringing your “A” game to your writing.

Like many of you, this year a New Year’s resolution was…is, lol, to get in shape.  In trying to trick myself into working out more, I decided not to FORMALLY announce my plans to get in shape, but I decided that I am getting in shape because I am dating someone new and I want to get on his level.  That being said, I visited the local Wally World and after spending five minutes in that hell…I grabbed the first DVD which looked promising–Jillian MichaelsRipped in 30.”  With excitement and a bit of trepidation, I got dressed and pressed play on the DVD player.  After a few minutes of huffing and puffing and glaring enviously at Jillian’s super-tight abs and skinny ass legs, I walked over to press pause, only to have Jillian stop me.  Really?  How did she do that?  She literally looked at the screen and told me, “you can do this…I have 400 pound people doing this and they are still going, so can you.  Give it your best and get some!”  I paused, one finger away from the exit key of my computer; one finger away from ending this crazy idea of getting into shape, and I stopped.  Instead of being the quitter I longed to be, I kept going.  And as I dragged myself up from the floor after the final sit-up and crawled towards my computer, I thought of Jillian’s words, “Get some!” 

What did I want to get?  What did I want to put 100% into?  Like many of you, my life is a revolving door of everything.  Full-time high school science teacher, full-time graduate student, part-time college professor–and full-time author are just a few of the hats that I wear each day.  Many of you juggle more than me and yet we have to think about this idea of what it is we want to put 100% into.  What do we want to dig deep for?  Writing will never be a hobby for me; it is my life.  I breathe, eat, and sleep my characters and the words I bleed onto these pages.  And I know you do the same.  So, why not give it our all?  You got a rejection letter?  Okay.  Who cares? Use it as the fuel to power your dreams.  Horrible book review?  Use it as a means to do better.  Writing takes talent.  Writing well takes practice.  And rejection.  And tears, gallons of caffeinated beverages, tons of paper, and countless hours of lack of sleep.  And it also requires dedication.  Giving it your all.  100% Now get off the internet, open that document file and get some!!


~ by Adrianna Morgan on January 10, 2014.

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