That Writer Friend

As I keep abreast of family and friends through their social media sites, I have observed a remarkable—and somewhat alarming—trend. In their blog posts and political/religious rants, I’ve noticed that many of the people with whom I associate, while not being writers themselves, seem to write far better than I. I am used to being called, the “writer friend.” At first, it was a daunting prospect, because, inevitably, the next question was always, “oh, what have you written?” Then, it would become a tad awkward as I launched into my spiel about being self-published, which in itself, became a death knell for the remainder of the conversation. I was summarily dismissed and denigrated to the annals of “self-published.” But I digress.

Being the “writer friend” means that by default, my social media should be filled with poetic waxings, social injustice diatribes, scientific posturing, and grammar corrections. Instead, there are memes about animals. And alcohol. And sex. And many other inappropriate things my more conservative family members would wish I would refrain from sharing. “But you’re the writer friend!” Shouldn’t you have tons of work on your pages? Shouldn’t you correct everyone else’s grammar? Spelling? Word choice? Shouldn’t you have a more active voice? But I don’t. I don’t get into YouTube or Facebook comment wars (although, a few times I have succumbed), I don’t use “big” words all the time, and no, sometimes, I really don’t care about grammar; in fact, I’m still trying to perfect my own. But I will help you with that essay or job letter, if I can, I will correct you if you write something to me the way you text, and I will always remain your “writer friend” if you want me to.


~ by Adrianna Morgan on December 3, 2014.

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