Fairytale Fantasies

What if Cinderella was a modern girl with a thing for her boss and a little bit of exhibitionism?  What if Sleeping Beauty liked playing with herself and her female roommate more than she liked playing with her prince?  What if Snow White was simply a girl down on her luck and needed some quick cash?  Fairytale Fantasies takes you on a journey where the fairytales you read as a kid take on a different meaning as an adult. 

Some fairytales are NOT for kids...

4.0 out of 5 stars ;0),February 14, 2012 by Romance Novel Junkies “Lady Raven Rave”
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This review is from: Fairytale Fantasies (Kindle Edition)

Three sexually charged stories based on fairy tales we know. They include Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

WOW, definitely not for the faint of hearts, this novella. The cover looks innocent and cute, but what’s inside this book is extremely graphic and explicit and I can honestly say I enjoyed it. I think from this moment on, the author has me scared for life in a good way regarding some of my favorite fairy tales. These stories were exciting, but were over way too quickly. Nevertheless, they’re meant as a quick read packed with sexual fantasies. To inform the reader, these stories contain m/f, f/f, and multiple partner scenes…

Enjoyment: GOOD
Intimacy Level: D.R.I.P (don’t read in public) / VERY SPICY


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