Fairytale Fetishes

What if Beauty hooked up in a nightclub bathroom to find her Beast?  What if Rapunzel’s “Prince” was an intruder in her house?  What if Red Riding Hood ended up riding wood in the forest behind her house?  Fairytale Fetishes takes you to the edge of the fantasy world, where few people dare to go and gives new meaning to the words, happily ever after.

4.0 out of 5 stars ;0),February 14, 2012 by Romance Novel Junkies “Lady Raven Rave”

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This review is from: Fairytale Fetishes (Kindle Edition)

Three fairy tale stories that are sexually charged that are based on Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood.

…Bella’s story is based on Beauty and the Beast. Bella went to a night club to celebrate her birthday. While there, she spots a guy that is not the most handsome but is physically pleasing. After hours of looks and teasing from across the room, both find themselves in the bathroom of the night club. This story was so good. I can’t begin to express in this review what they did in that bathroom. The only thing I will say regarding Bella and Ethan was DANG!

P.S: fyi / tmi, they gave a whole new meaning to the term sixty-nine within the space they had…

Enjoyment: GOOD
Intimacy Level: D.R.I.P (don’t read in public) / VERY SPICY


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