Drabbles and Dribbles

This page is dedicated to my drabbles.  Drabbles are stories or prose in 100 words or less.  I have included another category called dribbles.  I am pretty sure I am making this one up (too lazy to Google it right now) but I am going to say a dribble is less than 150 word stories and prose.  This is my challenge; to write within the word limit and entice as well.  Stay tuned to find out how well I do.


I feel sometimes like walking out of my house, getting into my car and driving away.  Away from my responsibilities and my regrets.  How am I this old and yet I still have nothing to show?  How are people who seem to be on the fringes of society and doing nothing to contribute making more of their lives than me?  It is time I stood up for myself.  It is time I walk back into my job, tell my boss to kiss my ass and pay me, then leave.  I smile.  Then I shut up and get back to work.  I have bills.



She pushes the baby carriage towards the sign.  The line has doubled in the last ten minutes.  She clasps her baby’s passport in one hand, the slim document not as powerful as she’d hoped.  Her other hand holds the offending object, the large blue document in her name with the words “Commonwealth of the Bahamas” emblazoned on the front.  She hangs her head as she rejoins the line of immigrants wading through the customs line and winces as one woman’s voice carries.  “Serves her right.  Cause her baby is American, she thinks she’s better than us.  Get in the back of the line.”


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