Welcome to the world of Adrianna Morgan.  Here, you will experience what it means to be para in a world that is normal.  Or thinks it is.  Where urban meets fantasy and the bit of erotica thrown in will make you gasp in pleasure.  Take a deep breath as you are about to drink with Vampires, dine with Werewolves, love with Demons, laugh with Witches, fly with Angels and see your favorite fairytales in a way your parents never imagined.  Enjoy meeting our supernatural characters, they love meeting you.  And you thought you were going to have a normal day!

Quick Tips!

Check out the Blog page for the latest on Adrianna.

Check out the Books page for Adrianna’s latest projects.

Check out the Work in Progress page for samples of new unpublished work and give feedback.

Don’t forget to check out the SHOP page for instant access to the online bookstore!!


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