Some Like it Hot!

Six months ago, Helena Black left her family in Hell for the first time. She wanted to experience life topside and ended up in Alaska.  She lasted for two days before she called her father to take her back home.  But what an awesome two days she had…

5.0 out of 5 stars. February 11, 2012 by Revelations (Amazon Verified Purchase)
This review is from: Some Like It Hot (Kindle Edition)

The book was supposed to be a quick read while my wife got a pedicure. As soon as she got home from the spa she explained that after the first few pages of the book she had to stop reading. When I asked why she told me it was because she had gotten turned on in the spa and gotten embarrassed. Then I got curious and asked her to read me a bit. Well we made it about half way through the story the first night before we started acting out scenes from the book 😉 I don’t ever write reviews or particularly get interested in the books my wife reads but I recommend this author and all of her books. We purchased all that she has on line now and we look forword to not getting through them too quickly. Note to the author: looks like we will want another book in a few weeks 😉

If someone had told me that today was the day I would be standing in the snow in the middle of nowhere dressed in a bikini, I would have told them they were full of shit.  But here I was, standing in the snow in the middle of nowhere dressed in a bikini.  The first thing that hit me was that my spell had gone horribly wrong.  This was not L.A.  Based on my brother’s description and the information I had gleaned off the internet, this uninhabited piece of land on which I stood could not be a part of the Golden State.  The second was that I was literally freezing my ass off.  The air was so cold that I didn’t feel it right away, instead, after a few seconds it swept through me with a suddenness that left me breathless.

I snapped my fingers and in an instant I stood ensconced in a heavy fur coat from head to toe.  I still wore my bikini underneath, but I couldn’t risk using too much magic for fear he would find me.  The coat protected my body from the frigid Arctic wind that howled through the trees on this deserted stretch of road and somehow the sound made me colder than the wind had.  I shivered.  Not in fear.  There were few things in this world that I feared.  I shivered because of the bone chilling cold that seemed to penetrate my very core.

I hate the cold.  I always have.  Let’s say it’s in my genes to crave the warmth of a fire.  The wind howled again and shook a clump of snow from a nearby tree.  It fell to the ground with a quiet swoosh and barely missed burying me.  I turned my face towards the sky.  The dark of night did nothing to hide the heavy gray clouds illuminated by the moonlight.  The area around me almost glowed with the intensity of the moon’s beams and the forest trees loomed ominously above me.  I smiled.  If it wasn’t for the damn cold, this would be a great place to get away.  But not in this weather.  The only thing I wanted to do was curl up next to a fire and a warm body.


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